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Democratize Justice!

One of the main reasons so many people cite their intention to vote for Biden is because of the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Let’s assume this is a valid reason, I don’t necessarily agree that it is but for argument’s sake we will go with it. This reasoning exposes a much more deep rooted problem in the political system of the US, that is, its anti-popular nature. This political system is so fragile and so anti-popular that theoretically the death of just 1 judge out of 9 could spell disaster for millions of people who are shielded by court rulings in the field of labor law, civil rights, and anti-discrimination. The fate of so many people is put into the hands of an oligarchic court that is evidently immune to the popular will of the hundreds of millions who are affected by its rulings. This is a problem! There is no popular consultation in the area of law in this country and while so much is said over and over about courts in left countries being influenced by the executive or whatever, nothing is ever said about corporate influence over the courts or their oligarchic nature. Continue reading at Orinoco Tribune!

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