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US Supreme Court controversies evidence of elitist government going against public interest

The United States Constitution was once hailed as a model across the world for ideals such as republicanism, popular sovereignty, egalitarianism, and the march of human progress toward true democracy. There is little doubt that the influences behind the content of the US constitution were liberalism and other ways of thinking that originated in the age of enlightenment as personified by thinkers such as John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, and Montesquieu. The errors and cracks in this way of thinking and more so in the US Constitution have become more and more apparent throughout the US' relatively short history. While the US Constitution was once celebrated as a document enshrining the will of the people and the consent of the governed as foundations for a modern republic, the opposite has become the law of the land in the US. Recent outrage over the conduct of the Supreme Court is the latest evidence that the political system of the United States is flawed from top to bottom.... Continue at GlobalTimes;

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